Lash Extension

We provide high quality lashes and take excellent care to install them on our clients for best results at competitive prices.

Lash Lift

A revolutionary advanced lashes treatment that transforms natural lashes into voluminous, glamorously lifted lashes without the use of eyelash extensions, eyelash curler or mascara! Our professional Lash Lift with a gentle and safe formula to create the appearance of longer, thicker, fuller and darker lashes. Fabulous lashes with minimum maintenance. 


Classic Mink Synthetic Full Set

Hybrid Mink Synthetic Full Set

VolumeMink Synthetic Full Set

Customized Colour/ Style


Lash Lift**

*Must have at least 75% of lashes left for a refill. Anything else considers a Full Set.

**Lash Lift is a chemical treatment that allows you to have long-lasting curls without the hassle of curling them yourself daily.


Prices are subject to change without notice