Laser Treatment

Are you struggling with


We have a solution for you. All Treatments are non-invasive, safe, painless and require no downtime.


Hair Removal/Deduction

Show off your hair-free and smooth skin after professional laser hair removal/reduction treatments.

Skin Rejuvenation

Reverse the signs of aging and restore healthy-looking skin In just a few treatment sessions with our med-aesthetic systems. We offer comprehensive solutions to help you have a glowing, young, heathy looking skin. Ideal for all skin types and all age groups.


Skin tightening and Body contouring: No knife, No Pain, No Fat.

If you diet and exercise but still can’t get rid of certain fat deposits – SharpLight’s Cellulite reduction treatment through Radio Frequently technology is the perfect solution for you. In a completely non-surgery, painless, and quick treatment, you can target those stubborn fat pockets and achieve the circumferential reduction you desire.


Fractional skin resurfacing:

SharpLight’s fractional resurfacing treatment is a gentle and efficient procedure that reduces the range of photoaging signs and rejuvenates the skin, will restore your skin’s natural shine,  smooth texture and brightness, producing fresh, younger looking faces, necks and hands. These impressive results are achieved by replacing old, damaged cells with new, healthy ones – quickly, effectively and safely.

*Price upon consultation